One idea, one artwork, one show at a time, headquarters has become a community studio with global reach. 

Spread entirely by word of mouth, we've welcomed collaborators from as far away as Canada, Sweden, Australia, Spain, China, Chile, England, and the Netherlands. headquarters has also supported off-site artists, installations, and residency programs in Washington D.C., New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Oslo. With a focus on art-centered scholarship, we've brought visual artists together with authors, mathematicians, musicians, software developers, film makers, corporate executives, gardeners, actors, teachers, poets, and even one physicist. We balance world class creative practice and critical inquiry with the comfort of working with friends. 

Founded and directed by sculptor Lisa O'Reilly, headquarters is built on a foundation of collaboration and art as social practice. Dreams, ideas, and process guide our work. The power and beauty of headquarters is that we don’t ever really know what is going to happen. But, this we do know - when we work together, good things are not only possible, they're probable. 

We hope you'll join us.