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By design, headquarters is almost impossible to describe.

Its mission is to support artists who use their practice to create positive change and connections within themselves, their community, the world at large, and across time.

Run entirely by word of mouth and volunteers, neighborhood feel with a global vision.

Rigorous. Experimental. Serendipitous. Playful.

One thing is for sure, it's full of surprises.

Worked with over 200 artists, writers, musicians, and scholars. College students and recent graduates, folks from as far away as Sweden, Australia, Spain, Austria, Chile, the Netherlands, New York...

One of the consistent comments is that it feels like home.

With its foundation in the visual arts, writers, musicians, and scholars, headquarters transforms in the hands of the artists who show up ready.

Image found at UC Berkeley campus and attributed to Eddie Colla

Treating it as part laboratory, part playground, and part showcase, Lisa has developed headquarters as a space committed to artistic rigor, but also as a safe space where artists may feel free to explore and display works that they might not venture elsewhere.
— Alex Bigman, Arts Writer, East Bay Express

Started in 2011 as an ongoing conceptual art and installation sculpture project meant to see if the simple act of sharing an idea and space ,the vital roles of artists in society.

It's not just about making great art, it's about the power, beauty, and community that comes from working together with our best intentions, our open hearts, keen minds, and skilled hands.

Dream your most hopeful and ambitious dream. Then, show up and work your ass off to see if it will work.

Apolitical, non­dogmatic. healthy risk­taking. restoring hope. opening up to the unknown. letting go of control. giving it your all. Reach out past your comfort zone. Trust yourself, your colleagues, and life. Go ahead, try your hardest. Even if you fail, you're free.

At its core, headquarters is an invitation. We hope you'll join us.

wisdom from an 8-year old Anna Rose O'Reilly

wisdom from an 8-year old Anna Rose O'Reilly

Lisa’s fierce insight and uncompromising commitment to excellence in art make her a natural curator and artistic collaborator.
— Sarah Person, artist