The name says it all: a little something sweet, community storytelling and literary parlor games in your neighborhood. Co-curator, playwright, and performer, Sharon Eberhardt, kicks off the 2017 season of Sugar. She has many wonderful surprises in store for this season. Come join us! 

When: Every second Saturday of the month from 6pm-9pm



Lisa’s dream, vision, ideal: networking across sectors to help get all varieties of artists jobs in the workplace according to their specialty where they don’t have to scrape by. The culmination of a life’s work thus far, Lisa is dedicated to building upon the headquarters model of collaborative invention with a long list of friends in a growing, cross-discipline-cross-cultural network to present a viable package of artists and arts programs to businesses. With our method applied, the goal is career-tracked artists doing what they do best while companies benefit from the proven results that come out of a free-flowing environment of project cross-pollination. From productive output to individual balance to overall morale, the integration of fully-developed creative practices into a company’s setup is instrumental in allowing its workforce to provide sustainable growth. 

    + Teambuild Storytelling Sessions

    + 1-on-1 Art-based Lateral thinking

    + Role Rotations





Do you remember when you felt more connected to yourself as an artist? Dreaming about an artwork and then making it happen? headquarters offers the support and space to get you practicing again. You’ll be surprised by how good it feels to come back to your creative practice.




The award-winning literary group run by the charismatic talent that is Joe Christiano, F.P.S. partners with headquarters for a series of intimate dramas that blend storytelling, music, and visual art for an immersive experience of America in character - one where ideology, creativity, and action intersect. The 2015 season featured George Washington, Gertrude Stein, and Andy Warhol.



Do you want a creative partner to help you realize an idea brewing in the wings? Do you need help striking a balance between “real life” pressures and committing to your creative life? Do you want help crafting your portfolio and artist statement for Grad School, grants, or art submissions? Whether it’s a little nudge in the right direction, or continued support as you deepen your art practice, Lisa provides skillful guidance so you can gain traction on your most creative projects.