The first show begins, January 2011.  photo by Sam Gerhard.

“Lisa has great energy, enthusiasm, and unique ideas. The thrilling result of combining my software with her hands is a public mural that has pushed both of us in new directions." 

Casey Reas, Artist, Professor, UCLA


“In twelve years of teaching at UC Berkeley, I have not encountered a more creative and easy to work with collaborator than Lisa. Her ability to generate and work through ideas and her commitment to serving the needs of individuals as members of diverse communities is both inspiring and practical.”

Kurt Spreyer, Environmental Science, Policy and Management Instructor, UCB


“Lisa has a way of instilling a sense of possibility with her invitations to create. It’s the confidence that our work is important. It’s the passion for the deep inquiry and the conviction that we need to do it together. It’s the idea that you have to engage across disciplines to truly understand the impact.”

Jamie Does, Artist, Organizational Development Consultant and Visual Strategist


"Never have I met a person with more passion about art and the communities that it makes possible, and never have I met a person with larger ambitions for the world-changing potential of art."

Erin Greer, Writer, English PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley


"Intelligent, nurturing, kind, reserved, inquisitive, passionate, motivated and motivational...  

What I have seen Lisa accomplish with our students is awe-inspiring. What she nurtures are artists who are witty, introspective and sure of themselves in the moments in which they create, as she leads them in making connections in the worlds they create and that in which they live.”

Paula Farmer, Admissions Director, The Berkeley School. Former Admissions Director at the San Francisco Art Institute and Admissions Assistant at the Chicago Art Institute


"This is a letter about love and quality, about consideration and inclusion, about interest and commitment. 

Lisa has some incredible ability to achieve the most intensely engaged and wonderful connections. Something real happens to the people that talk to Lisa. There is a genuine-ity there. There is truth there. Lisa shares the beauty that she knows. She is a person to be with and to learn from if there ever was one. The coolest part is that she is just as interested in learning as you ought to ever be and learners are always the best teachers.

My only hope with these words is to be as advice - be lucky enough to become a colleague, friend, student, and teacher of Lisa O’Reilly and the world will seem more full of hope."

Nick Lake, Artist


"Overall, my experience of Lisa is that she is a supremely talented teacher, thoughtful and positive collaborator, and dedicated professional."

Allison Kenny, Inclusion Facilitator and Co-founder of Go Girls! 


"I developed tremendous respect for Lisa's ability as a teacher, artist, and collaborative team member, as well as her deep compassion for young people and her desire to help all people, be they children or adults, achieve their best.” 

Zachary Roberts, Head of School, Gateway School, Santa Cruz / Former Associate Head of School, The Berkeley School


"I couldn’t have dreamed of a better art instructor. Lisa helped me push my art and myself in new directions. She always listens to what her students have to say and aids them in thinking in new ways and getting more comfortable with intense self-expression. My classmates all look forward to her class because of the atmosphere, the materials available to us, and the fact that no matter what we feel like creating, we can do it. Artistically, we have no boundaries. 

My experience in Lisa's class has been utterly joyful. I will be graduating with a more profound idea of myself as an artist and the directions I can take my art."

Genevieve Gorjance, Former Student